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Marimbist Youtuber YUNI’s DEBUT ALBUM, 

BEST Disney soundtracks & Original Electronic tracks. 

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Coordinated & Supported by Play E&A Inc. 

| Changwon, South Korea

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About Artist

Hi everyone! 

This is Marimba Fairy, Yuni!  

I can’t believe it’s been almost 5 years since I’ve been playing marimba on Youtube! 

Thanks to your warm supports, I’ve been fortunate to have made it all the way here! 


So, after all these years, I’m so happy to announce that my 1st official album will be out soon! 

In the last couple of months, hoping to communicate with you more as an artist, I’ve prepared loads of tasteful tracks for you including Disney soundtracks and my 1st original songs collaborated with the electronic music producer Loop.9.

Making a new genre of music was definitely a challenge to me. However, the whole journey for this project has been incredible indeed. 

I hope you enjoy the music as much as I enjoyed. 

If you pre-order the album on this platform, you’ll get this track until the following month after the campaign.  

I can’t wait to show you guys! 

Thanks for your support always. 

Stay tuned for more events to come! 

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Youtuber Marimba Player, "Yuni Marimba"


About Team

About Project

In 2020, Yuni and Play E&A team have met for creating a better cultural impact. Together, we’ve been making an incredible journey so far until today, making the 3rd collaboration project. 

During the projects, we often get surprised by her passion for music and love for the fans. 

Despite every challenges like tough outdoor shooting and pandemic, she never stopped her positivity and that lead us to plan something big one. 


So, this year, we decided to make Yuni’s new album project! 

It is to bridge a better connection between fans and her over online communication. 

For this, We’ve prepared not just Yuni’s 1st official album but also special livestream concert and many  perks which surely the fans might have been waiting for a long time! 



Along the project, we also had some difficulties of continuing the production and shipping due to some international issues in last winter. 

However, we couldn’t just give it up so we decided to launch this project as a funding campaign which we can still do our best preparing things for you but in digital format. 

It’s all started from Yuni and our hopes of delivering the idea of better interaction with you guys through her music.

We hope this project can be the first of many chances for yuni and her fans to get much closer to each other.

We are social enterprise ‘Play E&A Inc.’ in South Korea who supports talented artists with multimedia production services. Since 2019, we’ve been providing + 50 independent musicians through multimedia archiving, music distribution and networking based on the musician magazine channel ‘sambong music’


Building upon 3 main values - ‘accessibility’, ‘credibility’ and ‘artistic values’’ - 

Our team consists of the members who have more than 10 years of careers in music industry in Korea, UK, USA and Australia as producers and music professors. 

Play E&A’ aims for building sustainable environment for hidden-gem artists  where they can meet their goals with their own creativities and lead to contribute to the art & cultural revitalisation. 

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YUNI MARIMBA 1st Official Album 
| Disney & Original | 

We know it’s been long to drop it!

We’d love to introduce

“Yuni’s  1st official album”!

On Part A, it consists of greatest of all time Disney soundtracks and B Part’s listed with her 1st original tracks for you. Surprise! 

No doubt the album is a full of Yuni’s comforting marimba sound!

All ready to be listened.



The part A consists of the legend classic Disney soundtracks among her cover videos. All tracks remastered for the album. Enjoy the newly designed Disney soundtracks played by velvety marimba sound!




[Pirates of the Caribbean]



The part B consists of Yuni’s 1st original track collaborated with electronic music producer ‘Loop.9’. Together, She took on an incredible journey to create the tracks in the new genre for fans. If you want to enjoy fresh marimba sound with colourful  synths, you’re in the right place!


[Hello, the most beautiful

moments of my days]


[Bye Now, my each

and every moment]

Why don’t you listen to the perfect princess song from ‘Aladdin’ as marimba?

Speechless with marimba conjures up the fantastic thrills and romance from the film.

In the new beginning of four seasons, the first start always makes you thrilled. ‘Queen of Spring’ is here to give you the message of ‘fresh and joy' in romantic spring days with Yuni’s charming marimba sound and catchy synths.

When the sun goes down, let the worries go over the sky!

And find your comfort music. Perhaps, this piece is the perfect one for you.“Twilight Bike” is a dreamy marimba piece painted with your memories over the purple-coloured evening glow.


Here’s the main theme of the most beloved film series ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’.

Why don’t you have a listen to pirate’s adventures in the seas as adorable marimba sound!

Part A
Part B



Project Name


Our minimum goal is $3000.

The entire budget covers the minimum cost for recordings, cinematography, production and so on.

Donation will be used

1. For making the rewards which includes the cost for manufacturing and designing products, packaging, and labours.

2. For making the recordings which includes the cost for filming, travel expenditures, post-production and labours.


3. For securing copyrights and royalty.


1. Funding:  22 Aug 2022  -  21 Sep 2022

2. Start manufacturing:  22 Sep 2022 

3. Complete Production: 7 Oct 2022

4. Estimated delivery date: 10 Oct 2022


- Postcard and photo cards will be delivered via mail.

- Tote bag will be delivered via parcel service.


1.Marimba Fairy Postcard


Project Name

The adorable postcard on which drawing of Yuni character printed will be randomly delivered to everyone who purchase the album!


●designed by: sobosobo and surusuru.

●size: 9cm x 14cm

●The mock-up image above may be different from the actual product.  

●The download link QR code will be sent so that you can download the music

Signature Yuni Postcard
Yuni Marimba Playing Postcard
Marimba Fairy Postcard
Angel Yuni Marimba Postcard